Meet the finalists

Finalist Number One - POINT DUTY PTY LTD


Name: Chris Hawkes
Title: VP Defence and Public Safety
Solution Name: The Threat Hunter
Organisation Name: Point Duty Pty Ltd
Solution Name:

The Threat Hunter® solution provides clients with:
• User driven, integrated solution to enhance investigations
• Supplements individual OSINT skills with automated collection
• Enhances analytical tradecraft
• Enables immediate
visualisation of the results of open-source investigations
• Automates collection on targets of interest – evolving capability
Visualises and analyses social media and open-source data
• Integrates any curated, external sources and other collection capabilities
• Is continually evolving and Agile to meet evolving client needs

As such it addresses the customer problems for collecting relevant data from disparate sources enriching and analyzing the data in conjunction with existing intelligence and saving the data to a common repository. Going forward, updating the tech stack of Threat Hunter and putting it on Open Shift will enable Point Duty to offer the solution not just as an on-premise offering to a select few large organisations but to provide it as a SaaS offering - which opens up an entire new customer demographic.

For example there are c. 18,000 Law Enforcement Agencies in USA alone, ranging from 1 person Sheriff's offices to major city Police Departments with tens of thousands of personnel. Notwithstanding the relative size of the LEA, the job role is exactly the same. To date Threat Hunter has only been viable to a subset of the top 20 of this demographic, as a SaaS offering it opens up 10,000+ new and under-served prospects in this market alone



Name: Steve Baker
Title: CEO & Founder
Solution Name: Solved As A Service
Organisation Name: Seventh Beam, AdventOne & Leonardo

Solved As A Service is designed from the ground up to leverage some of the best technology stacks (IBM Cloud, IBM Security, RedHat Openshift and RedHat PAM) to enable delivery of business workflow solutions.

The addition of a new front end delivery solution (Anseriform) running over the BPM environment enables the rapid build and deployment of custom web and native mobile applications in less than a quarter of the time a traditional web-only sites can be built.

This has all been packaged up across our three organisations (AdventOne, Leonardo and Seventh Beam) into a combined service offering which takes advantage of each of our respective strengths.




Name:Ken Slevin
Title: VP, Global digital marketing & head of innovation
Solution Name: InsureMO
Organisation Name: eBaoTech

InsureMO is the chip powering the insurance industry ecosystem allowing insurers to create products faster, solution providers to include their innovations and distributors to create insurance apps to on-sell products to customers.

For executive decision makers: Insurance capability modernization without the pain.

For Product managers & business analysts: Designing insurance products doesn’t have to be an IT project. They can create insurance products and capabilities within a few days/ weeks.

For developers: There’s a smarter way to build insurance solutions.




Name: Mark Weinstein
Title:Head of Sales
Solution Name: Syncromesh
Organisation Name: Cognian Technologies

Cognian’s Syncromesh helps you quickly and easily convert existing or new buildings into human-centric smart spaces with minimum build-out cost and no disruptions to tenants. Syncromesh enables multiple third party sensors and devices to create a secure and scalable IoT connectivity platform for any smart building use case solution.

  • Time to value: Get data to the cloud quickly and easily, from hundreds of different BLE sensor types, to create your custom smart building solution
  • Built-in savings: Deploy sensors and upgrade our customers building using line power without construction or disruptions to occupants
  • Scalable platform: Start with as little a single use case and later scale out to multiple use cases simply by adding more BLE sensors to the platform
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Reduce Carbon Emissions
  • Improved operational efficiency, data driven decision making, optimise user experience, improve productivity




Name: Adam Watt
Title: Founder
Solution Name: Evolve Network
Organisation Name: EPICENTRE®

The Problem: A Broken Model - The traditional model is for media partners to acquire content for no fee and commercialise it themselves - A Global Issue

Content creators incurs costs to create content

Media partners takes content and provides little to no financial reward to the content creator

The Problem: Barriers to change: Content creators and rights holders:

Lack the capital to create their own direct to consumer product

Lack the understanding to build and deliver a direct-to-consumer content monetisation offering