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  • Full Name:Kareem K
  • Job Title:Vice President Sales, Partners & Alliances
  • Company Name:Carbonize
  • Company Web Address: Click Here
  • Email:kareem@carbonizetech.com
  • Phone:+61 416 130 844
  • Technology Focus:

    Carbonize’s AI augmented technologies simplify the complex and real business challenges of digital transformation and application modernization. Our technologies assess legacy and non-legacy applications, determine their dependencies into cluster or cloud groups, take your Linux VMs and containerizes them within minutes, allowing for rapid deployment into any cloud, such as hybrid or cloud native while providing Malware and Vulnerability scanning of your VMs and Microservices containers.

  • Full Name:Craig Parnham
  • Job Title:Managing Partner
  • Company Name:Cognition
  • Company Web Address: Click Here
  • Email:cparnham@cognition.studio
  • Phone:+61 452 519 245
  • Technology Focus:

    Leveraging extensive experience, Cognition will help you unlock possibilities with IoT, AI and Data Driven Insights initiatives. Using a combination of cognitive methods, design thinking principles, and agile work practices, as part of a partner eco-system - so that you can effectively realise the investment you are making in digital transformation.

  • Full Name:Michael Geisler
  • Job Title:Asia Pacific ISV lead
  • Company Name:Red Hat
  • Company Web Address: Click Here
  • Email:mgeisler@redhat.com
  • Phone:+61 458 662 077
  • Technology Focus:

    Partner with Red Hat to access new markets, broaden your company’s expertise, and build stronger customer relationships. Partner with Red Hat to access a range of technology, award winning technical support resources, a hybrid cloud platform that offers portability and technical expertise and tools enabling you to test and certify your products.

  • Full Name:Tony Mudie
  • Job Title:Country Manager, Australia and New Zealand
  • Company Name:Crunchy Data
  • Company Web Address: Click Here
  • Email:tony.mudie@crunchydata.com
  • Phone:+61 411 021 296
  • Technology Focus:

    Crunchy Data is on a mission to bring the power and efficiency of open source PostgreSQL to security-conscious organizations and eliminate expensive proprietary software costs. Since 2012, we've built a foundation of secure and critical PostgreSQL deployments while leveraging our expertise in managing large-scale, mission-critical systems to provide a suite of products and services. Our focus is on solving enterprise-level challenges with secure, open source technologies.

    Crunchy Data's Commercial Support subscription gives your company access to all of our certified builds like Crunchy Certified PostgreSQL, Crunchy High Availability PostgreSQL, and the Crunchy Container Suite, plus 24x7x365 direct support with our team of engineers.